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A new basement area being constructed

Dependable Basement Waterproofing Services and Crack Repair

Water damage can cause a host of problems, especially when it’s in the basement area due to a leaking foundation. Gord’s Basement Waterproofing Ltd offers foundation waterproofing services and basement crack repair solutions to keep leaks at bay. We have been serving clients in Brampton, Burlington, Vaughan, Oakville, Mississauga and surrounding areas since 1980. 


Trust us for effective crack repair, sump pump installation and complete foundation waterproofing at your home or place of business. We do not subcontract, so you can expect only quality workmanship and complete accountability from us. Give us a call for a free estimate on our services.

25-year Transferable Warranty

All of our services are backed by a transferable 25-year warranty. Our to-quality services include:

Crack Repair Inside and out (Excavation/Polyurethane Injection)

Water seepage is often caused by cracks that develop over time. We excavate the affected area and use polyurethane injections to reinforce the foundation and get rid of any cracks. 

Sump Pump Installation

A sump pump is used to pump water from your house’s water collecting sump basin into a storm drain. This helps keep water build-up in check, reducing moisture-related damage. 

Crawl Space Repair 

The crawl space under your basement tends to accumulate water which can result in seepage, causing damage over time. We can conduct repairs and make your crawl space as good as new. 

Complete Foundation Waterproofing Inside and Out 

A worn-out foundation can result in unwanted water seepage. Rely on us for complete waterproofing solutions for weathered foundations to keep moisture damage at bay. 

Custom Window Wells

These are U-shaped products placed around basement windows to control water build-up and reduce water-related damage to your basement area.

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