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A view of a clean and organised crawl space

Residential and Commercial Crawl Space Repair Services

The crawl space of your home plays a vital role in keeping your building stable. Moisture damage can cause sections to rot and sag causing instability. Rely on Gord’s Basement Waterproofing Ltd to set things right. We offer effective crawl space repair services for residential and commercial clients across Burlington, Brampton, Mississauga, Vaughan, Oakville and surrounding areas.


We conduct a thorough on-site inspection of your crawl space and then proceed to repair any worn-out sections and rotten wooden frames or posts. After the necessary repairs, we restore your crawl space area and seal any cracks to prevent water and moisture leakage. Contact us for thorough repair and waterproofing services today.

Maintain a Healthy Foundation

The crawl space plays as important a role in your home’s stability as the foundation. Water exposure can wear down the sections of your crawl space and breed mould. This can attract pests and can be a potential health hazard for your family. Our services include a full cleanup and repair of your crawl space area so that any mould and water damage concerns are rectified promptly. 


With decades of experience in waterproofing and crawl space restoration, we can provide effective solutions at a competitive price. Schedule an on-site inspection and get a free estimate for crawl space repair services today.

A picture of a place covered with thermoregulatory blankets and dimple board
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