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A newly installed basement window well

Custom Window Wells

A window well is a structure that is installed on your property to prevent water damage to your home. It is usually a U-shaped product made of metal or plastic that is placed around basement windows. Gord’s Basement Waterproofing Ltd offers these in varied sizes and with these, your basement window gets to have a view. You can enjoy the light coming in or even use it to exit through it during an emergency, like a fire. Our services cater to clients in Brampton, Vaughan, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington and surrounding areas. 

We install it in such a way that water flows away without harming the building. With drains available in the window wells we supply, you can be assured that any water run-off will be safely diverted from your home. 

The Advantages to Be Expected from Window Wells

  • These allow light to enter an otherwise dark basement from outside and helps to cool your home too. 

  • You basement doesn’t feel damp or musty and but rather becomes comfortable. 

  • The cover of a window well are durable enough to withstand heavy storms and keeps your basement window safe.

A picture of a residential home's basement window well

Some Helpful Tips

Nature is unpredictable and can be harmful. You must make sure that you clean your window well every day to prevent the pileup of leaves and snow there. What these do is stop the water from draining away as your window well is supposed to allow. The covers we install play an important role in well window protection and may even be tough enough to withstand your weight, should you mistakenly step on it.​

Our Edge

We have over three decades of useful experience in helping customers with a number of tasks from the repair of leaky basements to setting up custom window wells in Mississauga. We are highly confident in our abilities and always aim to provide the services you require. The secret to our repeat customers is that we have come with a totally dependable and honest enterprise. Our satisfaction for the work we do depends on your appreciation. We are proud of the personnel who work for us and always get a good job done!

Contact us without delay for advice and custom window wells in Mississauga!

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